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Online poker is an unusual game of chance. When you play poker, your chances to win don’t merely depend on the good or bad luck. You will hardly win poker game if you have no idea about poker tournament strategy, gambling logic, poker theory and other important aspects of game. There are two general methods of playing poker online: playing tournament poker and gambling for cash. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. When you play poker for cash, you may leave the game and take your money prize at any time you want. Even newbie may accidentally win significant sum of money. However, another side of the situation is that experienced players usually play poker games for cash for the purpose of playing out the “fish”. The fish is the nickname for people who don’t know poker basics and only rely upon good luck.

Real pros prefer online poker tournament games. Poker tournaments online are considered to be a step on the way towards participation in live poker tournament. All worldly known poker tournaments are usually held offline. World Series of Poker (or WSOP) which is held annually in Las Vegas, USA is a good example of such tournament. The competitive component is very strong in tournament poker, that’s why it was even approved as a game of mastership in some countries, like Sweden and USA. When you take part in casino poker tournament, a single shot win is not enough. You have to go through all the levels to get your prize, that’s why a chance to win for newbie is about zero. However, many top poker sites also organize free poker tournaments, or freerolls. In customary poker tournaments, each participant has to pay an entry fee. All the payments made by participants are put together, and the money prize fund is formed. As for freerolls, money prize fund is usually formed by means of donation, and you don’t have to pay an entry fee. Top poker rooms organize free poker tournaments on a regular basis, and many people aspire to join a freeroll, that’s why some conditions are put by freeroll organizers. For example, you should have a certain sum of money to take part in freeroll. Sometimes the participants are selected in reliance on their results in previous poker tournaments.

Online poker rooms aggressively promote the idea that every poker player may become a pro and earn much money in poker tournaments if he or she works hard. There are actually hundreds of examples which make this affirmation to look realistic. Top poker stars are different people, however, there are many programmers and mathematicians among them, so that their analytical mind helps them. Nowadays, you may find information about poker trainers who teach other people how to play poker on the Internet. There are also many specialized sites dedicated to poker games. You may find there lots of online poker rooms reviews, strategies on poker hands, articles about gambling theory and poker logic, poker tournament software screen shots, poker stars success stories and so on.

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